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Science Doesn’t Completely Understand How Cells and Frequencies Interact September 2, 2006

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“Any influence of EMF on a living being starts at the cellular level. …impressive complexity involved.”

“A single living human cell performs over 50.000 different biochemical reactions. It carries in the DNA molecule billions bits of data (survival know how). This DNA molecule contains around a 100.000 genes, of which 5000 are actively producing around 5000 different proteins. Such a cell, only visible under a strong microscope, beats the complexity of a modern Personal Computer by far. … Recent research leads us to the theory, that in every living cell there is a extremely complex process of subtile electromagnetic vibrations going on every thousands of a second, when creating all those biochemical molecules and proteins….”

“In living nature, everything vibrates, the smaller, the faster. The frequencies of the vibrations in a living cell depend on the size of the components. There are physical vibrations and electrical. It’s obvious that the cell as a whole vibrates with lower frequencies than individual molecules or atoms. To get an idea about these physical frequencies, one can look at a cell division, where a DNA molecule, an extremely long string of coded material, divides itself into two exact copies. A DNA molecule is folded into a tiny ball, but when divides itself, it has to unfold and unroll itself, at speeds from 10.000 to 20.000 revolutions per minute (i.e. 200 to 300 Hz). The 50.000 different biochemical reactions and the creation of 5000 different proteins is a continuous bio-electro- chemical game with electrical vibrations all over the place. Every single biochemical reaction is an electronic process in itself.”

In the last 150 years we started using electricity on a real broad scale. Nowadays every inhabitant of a so called ‘civilised country’ is bathing every our of the day and night in a continuous flood of electromagnetic fields with a broad range of frequencies… It started early in this century with the lower frequencies of 50 or 60 Hz, but in the last few decades, the frequencies are rising fast, due to modern digital technology and microminiaturization. From an evolution standpoint, such an enormous explosion in EMF cannot be handled by normal evolutionary growth.”

…”A range of EMF frequencies may resound with equal bio-electrical frequencies within living cells and they will disturb the electrochemical processes. Since the life within a cell seems to be a continuous ‘dance of electrons’, one can imagine that another ‘music’ form outside spoils this delicate process. If we see these subtle intracellular vibrations as a full concert of a symphony orchestra within a cell, than we can see EMF from outside as a humpa brass band, that enters the concert hall during the concert, unasked, with lots of noise. It’s more subtle than that. This resound can be an influence on a range of bio-frequencies, depending on the physical size of the process. Processes that include a cell as a whole, work with lower frequencies and the formation of a small protein at the edge of a cell works with a much higher frequency. Probably there will be EMF frequencies, that do not cause any resound. But since we don’t know these ‘free’ frequencies, ….EMF is unsafe at any frequency.”




1. F. BODDINGTON - October 22, 2009

60 HZ EMF . On a recent trip to town at 1030am my wife and I driving a jeep liberty were invaded by a very strong EMF believed to be of 60HZ . This strong emf invaded the jeep and our bodies started to vibrate internally with a sound like a flag flapping in the wind likely caused by ear drums, opening the vehicle windows did nothing to cure problem.Wife was going to be sick very quickly if we could not get out of this condition. We drove 1 mile and had to stop and get out of the vehicle both feeling very strange. Walked around for a few minutes felt better but strange. Blamed the physical size of the jeep as a possible factor returned home and traded vehicles. Drove the same road no further effects. Still felt strange cks blood pressure on return home but normal except noticed heart missing a beat. ECG later confirmed the heart beat was there but the timing was early so not enough blood to give a strong pulse. As a pilot had many ECG over the years and always normal so I suspect this encounter with EMF did something to the heart timing. Sometimes it will go 3 and miss 1 then maybe go 20 and miss or even 50 or more then miss. There was considerable chest discomfort like heartburn or acid reflex but no food involved..As time has passed this condition has no longeer been present and the heart beats seem to be returning toward normal sometimes going 150 without a miss. Anyone else had a situation like this or just me ????

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