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Penetration of Low Frequencies in Human Cells September 2, 2006

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The effect of low-frequency electric fields on cells

“THE EFFECT OF LOW-FREQUENCY ELECTRIC FIELDS ON HUMAN CELLS has been a subject of great interest because of the prevalence of such fields in our environment (e.g., around electrical appliances and overhead power lines). Careful analysis of epidemiological data sets have resulted in no clear link between power lines and cancer (Physics Today, April 1994) and yet the scientific debate remains heated (Physics Today, Jan. and July 1995). A new study by Harvard scientists (Ronold King, 617-495-7844, owens@deas.harvard.edu) looks at the effects of electric fields not on spherical cells (which seem to be pretty well shielded from incoming fields) but on cylindrical cells (long compared to their diameter). The Harvard (theoretical) work indicates that fields perpendicular to the cell membrane do not penetrate but that fields parallel to the membrane do penetrate. Thus a neuron is shielded from parallel electric fields only near its ends. The researchers are now inquiring into the effect of such fields on nerve action, that is, on the propagation of electrical impulses. (Ronold King and Tai Tsun Wu, Physical Review E, August 1998.)”



1. Jeannine Timmins - September 5, 2006

The radiation penetrates the skulls of children and teens more than adults, so they are more vulnerable. PLUS

2. Diana E. Neverson - February 20, 2007

Are you aware of transponder implants that sre being used by the medical field to monitor patient bio levels. These units work on the energy generated by the human body. The question is what kind of frequency is being used to obtain and data.

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