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Visible Light is Electromagnetic Radiation September 2, 2006

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“Visible light is only a small section of electromagnetic radiation which produces a sensation of brightness and color in the human eye.”

“Electromagnetic radiation is a form of energy. The spectrum of such radiation provides information on its energy composition. The entire spectrum of electromagnetic radiation ranges from X-ray radiation at the high-energy, short-wave end to radio waves at the low-energy, long-wave end.”

“Radiometry is the measurement of optical radiation, which is electromagnetic radiation within the frequency range between 3×1011 and 3×1016 Hz. This range corresponds to wavelengths between 0.01 and 1000 micrometers (mm), and includes the regions commonly called the ultraviolet (UV), the visible (VIS), and the infrared (IR). Two of the many typically encountered units are watts/m2 and photons/sec-steradian.”

“Photometry is the measurement of light, which is defined as electromagnetic radiation detectable by the human eye (daylight). It is thus restricted to the wavelength range from about 380 to 780 nanometers (1000 nm = 1 μm)”




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