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Children at Risk September 1, 2006

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“Secretive exposure of children to potentially hazardous EMF levels should not be left up to the blatantly “callous disregard” of either school officials or newspaper publishers who refuse to even alert the public to the existence of high voltage power line exposure on school grounds and college campuses.”
…”It is recommended that parents, teachers, and concerned citizens investigate the EMF levels that they and their children are being exposed to, study the evidence as currently being investigated by scientists, and thus be able to make up their own minds based on their understanding of the issue and act accordingly.”

…”In Huntsville, however, the “callous disregard” comes in the form of an unconcerned administration at Sam Houston State University and an unconcerned Huntsville Independent School District, where children and young adults are exposed to constant EMF levels of up to 35 milligauss, which is 17,500% higher than the conservatively “prudent” safety level of 0.2 milligauss, and 875% higher than the scientifically proven cancer risk threshold of 4 milligauss.”

“…HISD officials have even built a new playground directly underneath a 138 kv power line that runs through a school yard. Levels of up to 14 milligauss were detected next to the playground equipment.”

George H. Russell




1. Eric Laurence - September 2, 2006

Please feel free to come as my guest to this meeting. If you call for information, please say Eric Laurence invited you. Thank you.

Mr. and Mrs. ……
Baltimore, MD

Dear Mr. and Mrs. ……

Do you wonder if the cell phone your children, or grandchildren, are using is safe? Do you find yourselves concerned about the number of hours they sit in front of a computer, in school and at home, wondering if it is safe? And, what about the hours they devote to playing hand held games with a wireless device, or with a laptop computer placed on their laps?

I am sending you this letter to pass on information that is critically important to your health and the health of your loved ones.

The non-profit Safe Wireless Initiative in Washington, D.C. now says that the emerging problems caused by the proliferation of wireless technology will have detrimental health effects on us, and our children (www.safewireless.org).

Over the past five years, governments from around the world have rigorously examined the problem, and many of them, including the UK, have seen fit to give public warnings to protect children. However, in the U.S., the strong political and economic influence of the cell phone companies has kept the public information under wraps. Next year, this will all change, as there are more than a dozen lawsuits against the cell phone companies for health problems in the U.S. that the Supreme Court has now said should go forward.

The problem is that our children are at risk today. As parents, and grandparents, we are responsible.

I am planning a meeting to organize an information exchange for concerned parents and grandparents. I would like to extend an invitation to you to join me and other concerned families on Saturday, October 7th, at 10:00 am at the ABC Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland. Please feel free to invite friends and neighbors to join you in attending this informational and evidenced based gathering.

For additional information, please call 410-602-1665.


Kathleen B. Deoul

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