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Necessary Disclosures August 31, 2006

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“Journal Fails to Disclose Editor’s Ties to Electronics and Power Industries”

“The June editorial in Radiation Research, the peer-reviewed journal of the Radiation Research Society, downplayed the health effects of electromagnetic radiation. But now, Microwave News reports that the journal failed to disclose that editorial co-author John Moulder, a senior editor at Radiation Research, received hundreds of thousands of dollars to appear as an expert defense witness for companies like Minnesota Power Co. and Wisconsin Public Service Corp. In addition, Microwave News found that over the last 16 years, nearly all papers on genotoxic effects of microwave radiation published in Radiation Research reported no ill health effects. Microwave News said that much of this research was sponsored by Motorola and the U.S. Air Force. Other journals during the same time published a large number of studies showing that this type of radiation can affect biological systems. “It is astonishing that in this time of heightened concern over potential conflicts of interest at leading biomedical journals, that the Radiation Research Society, the publisher of the journal, allows these conflicts to continue,” said Louis Slesin, the editor of Microwave News.”




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