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“Microwave Sickness or Neurasthenia” August 31, 2006

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“From 1953 to 1976, the Soviets directed microwave radiation at the U.S. embassy in Moscow from the roof of an adjacent building. The possibility that this microwave exposure could induce health problems in the embassy staff prompted the government to begin classified research programs on the health effects of microwave exposure. One of these programs, called “Project Pandora,” was organized and administered by the psychology division of the psychiatry research section of Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR). Public attention was not drawn to these events in Moscow and the question of possible health effects from NIEM exposure until the 1976 release of information by the U.S. State Department accusing the Soviet Union of bombarding the U.S. embassy in Moscow with microwave radiation for the purpose of disturbing the health of the staff. The State Department indicated that, in addition to the mass interference and interception of radar-based communications, the microwave radiation could have adverse effects on the health of the occupants of the embassy. In fact, Soviet data provided the strongest basis for this accusation. The Soviet NIEM research literature reported adverse health effects in laboratory animals and in Soviet radar workers at levels well below the 10 mW/|cm.sup.2~ U.S. ANSI safety recommendations.”

“In 1976, when the Moscow embassy incident was made public, the Soviet NIEM standard was more than 100 times lower than the U.S. recommendations. Many comparisons and concerns regarding the discrepancy between the exposure guidelines of the two nations appeared in the U.S. media. It is interesting to note that the media coverage rarely mentioned the fact that the ANSI recommendations were intended for all U.S. industry staff and military personnel. The Soviet standards, on the other hand, excluded exposure of military personnel (National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements |NCRP~, 1986).”

“The attention to the Soviet studies claiming adverse health effects brought the discipline of psychology to the forefront of NIEM research because many of the Soviet laboratory observations purporting potential health-related effects on small animals were from behavioral studies. Also, almost all of the symptoms reported in Soviet communications and radar workers were psychological in nature. These symptoms included lethargy, lack of concentration, headaches, depression, and impotence. Soviet medical journals termed these collective symptoms microwave sickness. In the U.S. literature the symptoms sometimes have been referred to as neurasthenia (Dodge & Glaser, 1977; Glaser & Dodge, 1977).”



1. Jason Howard - August 7, 2007

I was exposed to a high amount of RF microwave radiation for about 1 hour on 1-9-07. The transmitter output was between 1k – 1.1k watts at 2034MHz. The RF leak probe pegged the meter at 20mw/cm2. I was exposed by portion of waveguide that was missing a bolt and had loose hardware. My head was between 6 to 12 inches from the leak and my hand was only a less then inch away. I have had many heath problems since the exposure; memory problems, balance problems, earing lose, eye sight dropped to 20/50, numbness in my left hand, muscle spazums in my left face/neck/shoulder (Neuralgia),constent headaches, left eye lip droops durning headaches and lose of strength in my arm. I have been out of work since that time under the care of a general practioner doctor. I have been in physical therapy for 3 monthes. My employer is saying I was not in the near field of the signal so I could not have be hurt. I have worked for NOAA for 18 years and have been exposed to low levels of RF radiation for years. Are these heath problems consistent with this exposure/ rf sickness syndrome? Are there any people I can contact to help me with my health problems?

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Jason Howard
5140 South Upper Ferry Rd.
Eden, Md. 21822

2. Jan Scurlock - July 30, 2008

Hi, Jason…I am Jan. My e-dress is: jscur280@yahoo.com
Yes, I am having the same symptoms as yours and can see the physical reason for it and the methods that are beig used.

I have been diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia and Cephalgia, and Fibromyalgia. My Father was in the Army and West Point and had access to alot of electro-psychotronic phenomena caused by amateur satellite-or ham radio-scanners.

This is so interesting because I hae been suspecting the Third World Countries of collaborating with Mafia Crime Families and gangs for awhile. It appears that we have a huge network of these groups working everywhere there is cheap rent or lots of vacancies.

They use ham radio-microwave satellites (possibly German) to signal in either encrypted numbers or morse code. They have set up a New Wave Post-911 Drug and Money Laundering Operation right under the noses of our Law Enforcement.

They have recruited SSI recipients who will work for extra money, and are bringing illegals (oil dissidents) into the US, who also work for them. They are brain washed into thinking the US will take their oil and not give them jobs as immigrants.

They are Muslim and Nigerian mostly, perhaps Iranian too. They use state of the art Russian and German Technology like brain bio-feedback of our impulses combined with infrasonic speaker intermodulation with our power system…thus enabling them to pick up the vibrations of our vocal cords as we plan and organise our day-especially our banking.

There is this new term called bankstalking. You can be traced by your debit card globally because of a trace id number scanned on the debit terminal. These guys can see you from a security camera that is either pointed at the debit terminal or a dome camera overhead at the cashier terminal. Alot of people are opting out of the debit scandle and using gift cards or temp cards instead.

On page 208 in Ham radio for Dummies, it talks about video and audio streaming. You see, microwave beams pick up sound and images that are transported by the transponders of satellite cameras.
You can also find this on the Granite Island, inc. WebSite. They are a security firm-technical surveillance specialists.

It is possible if you are carrying a cell phone, or using a bluetooth and being tracked by one of these satellites or groups because you are in the path of their work area…i.e. bank atm’s-or being really friendly to people at the bank and not paying attention. You might be carrying a backpack that looks like it has something of value in it.

They have found a way to link our tv, cell, home phone, fax, etc. and decode all of our numbers dialed and if they can have access to our home (usually apt.s) they will take records of your contacts.

They do a lot of scanning…for financial info and also have radar imaging set up in some of the larger scale apartment complexes with several different owners…they just move in and take over…it’s kind of like the Stinking Papparazi behaving like the KGB or CIA.

You have to watch your mail carriers, any DHL van that seems to show up at banks when you drive up…suspicoius gang type asian-mexican gang members in lobbies of banks. I just encountered one today.

I have severe vertigo from the type of Ultrasonic Pulsing and the type of head tracking device they are using. It affects the orbit of the eye.

There are electronic harassment-mind control forums-and gangstalking web sites and groups available for you to chat with. But, be forwarned, some of them get pretty worked up about this. They think the government is doing this, but it is a hoax…it is these 3rd world countries that we have been at war with.

I have met two ladies in person at the social security office who are being tracked the same way. This is the way to target the US’s money-and they have always believed in a superior race.

Yes, it is debilitating. I do not think I would be on benefits at all if it were not for these satellites and the de-regulation of space. America is way too overconfident about the security of the nation. I have already called the fbi, the nsa, and defense signalling.

Jan Scurlock 3414 S. University Dr. #9 Ft. Worth, Tx 76109

3. Olle Johansson - November 10, 2008

Please, see e.g.

Ortendahl TW, Hogstedt P, Holland RP, “Mercury vapor release from dental amalgam in vitro caused by magnetic fields generated by CRT’s and electrical cutting procedures”, Swed Dent J 1991, p 31, abstract 22


Mortazavi SM, Daiee E, Yazdi A, Khiabani K, Kavousi A, Vazirinejad R, Behnejad B, Ghasemi M, Mood MB, “Mercury release from dental amalgam restorations after magnetic resonance imaging and following mobile phone use”, Pak J Biol Sci 2008; 11: 1142-1146

With my very best regards
Yours sincerely
Olle Johansson

(Olle Johansson, assoc. prof.
The Experimental Dermatology Unit
Department of Neuroscience
Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm


The Royal Institute of Technology
100 44 Stockholm

4. ML Richards - January 13, 2010

Since Tesla invented the technology some years ago the US have been using light /sound frequencies in defense and to monitor financial institutions. Tesla proved to them telepathy was a reality and that communicating via light waves was indeed the way to go. Like Oppenheimer’s atomic research it was a good thing, only greed and a nation’s agenda for power changed that.

Now the technology is being solely exploited for their defense systems, and dominion over weather patterns. i.e. HAARP in Alaska all the way to Monsanto’s GMO agricultural agenda of dominating the world’s food supply.

However light is our make up. Even if you are bombarded by high doses of radiation you can literally rise above it by learning to feed the body more light. I.E.: meditation, organic foods, accepting more solar D energy, oxygenating the system with more breath. Practice circular breathing, eat more chlorophyll rich foods, exercise and meditate. In this way you can allow more light frequency into your body. Remember when we first started using cell phones, they gave us brain damage now our bodies have adapted. Help your body out by strengthening its ability to adapt.

Here’s to life and living in light,

ML Richards

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