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Needed Continued Research About EMF’s August 27, 2006

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The National Electric and Magnetic Fields Advisory Committee

This letter was posted to the emf-l mail reflector…by Roy Beavers (EMF Guru),

and addresses the future of EMF Bioeffects Research …

“We regard this message as one of considerable importance

to the future of the EMF research effort and we want everyone

on the EMF-L net to be aware of what follows in order that you

may lend your support to the continuation of EMF research


"neither the press release nor the Executive Summary
of the report adequately reflects the conclusions to
be found in the body of the report. Furthermore, 
the report's release
received widespread national press coverage, 
much of which was misleading
and could adversely impact funding decisions for the
EMF RAPID Program as well as other EMF research programs. 
Continued research with adequate funding is essential 
to resolve the uncertainties about EMF
health effects.

The NEMFAC wants to call to your attention the
following important points:
* Contrary to reports in the popular press
the NAS/NRC report does  not state that extremely
low magnetic fields are safe. Rather, the report
concludes that there is an unexplained, but
statistically reliable and robust association
between power transmission and distribution 
systems and childhood cancer and that continued
research is necessary.
The NAS/NRC report was commissioned before
the results from the EMF RAPID program will be
available. In addition, the report is limited to 
residential findings and reflects literature reviews  
only through 1994 plus 12 papers from 1995. It 
excluded the large body of work concerning 
occupational studies published throughout 
the same period.
The Energy Policy Act of 1992 requires a
final report to Congress from the EMF RAPID 
program on whether the research indicates 
a health hazard. 
Plans are now in development for proceeding with
this mandatory assessment. We recommend that the 
EMF RAPID program's report to Congress include the 
following elements to improve upon the work done thus
by the NAS/NRC or other reviewing bodies:

The results of childhood cancer epidemiology studies...
quantitative evaluation of exposures, and better controls 
than previous studies, results of occupational epidemiology 
and exposure, assessment studies, several animal studies..., 
the results of cell studies that have been duplicated 
in multiple laboratories, findings from the 
EMF RAPID program,...results of several major 
breast cancer studies....

"The U.S. Congress, the U.S. utility industry, and
many foreign governments have, over the last few years, 
invested funds in research of health effects of 
extremely low frequency EMFs. Those steps have
been taken in response to public concern as well 
as to the provocative results of early EMF research. 
Although this research is focused and well coordinated, 
the issues are complex and numerous questions 
have not yet been answered…."

"Few of the elevated risks seen in those studies 
(childhood leukemia and EMF) are above 3 and many 
lie in the 1.5-2 range. Relative risks in this range 
are considerably lower than those

seen in studies of known human carcinogens 
such as cigarettes. It should be noted, however, 
that there are other well accepted associations, 
such as the association between smoking and heart

disease, that fall in this range, Furthermore, a 
relative risk of 2 (a doubling of the risk of 
childhood cancer) coupled with the widespread

exposure to EMFs, could have a potentially 
significant impact on the population...."

"I share this view that any potential 
EMF health risks could have significant 
public health implications. 
Therefore, EMF research is an 
important public policy 
concern, and I will be happy to 
address any questions 
that you may have about this 
matter or discuss the 
EMF RAPID program with you."

Sincerely yours,

(Signature, Shirley D. Linde)
Shirley D. Linde Chairperson, NEMFAC




1. Vanessa McClenney - February 2, 2008


we are thinking of Buying a home it has a very large power line at least 400ft away from the home and, seven stories high . we do not have small children, however we are concerned of contracting any type of illness should we be concerned about are health ?

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