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Funding available for EMF Research August 27, 2006

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The Emergency Medicine Foundation (EMF) is now accepting grant application for the 2007-2008 funding year. EMF supports an aggressive research program providing a vast array of grants to young medical students, residents, emergency medicine faculty and even seasoned researchers. Grants range from $2,400 for medical students to $150,000 for the research fellowship grant. The grant deadlines are December 2006 and January 2007. 2007-2008 Grant Funding Year Program Overview

Grant applications are available on the EMF web site at www.emfoundation.org. The grant applications and the overview are under the EM Research tab at the top of the page.



1. EMF Buster .com » Blog Archive » - February 21, 2007

[…] Funding available for EMF Research Electromagnetic FrequenciesThe Emergency Medicine Foundation (EMF) is now accepting grant application for the 2007-2008 This blog is about electromagnetic frequencies, uses, dangers, and how to stay healthy. […]

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