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Cloning With EMF’s August 27, 2006

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“If there was any lingering doubt that electromagnetic fields (EMF) can affect mammal cell function, recent  historic sheep cloning by Scottish Scientists should put it to rest.To effect the clones scientists applied electromagnetic pulses to crack cell membranes and combine calcium and genetic infomation in the form of DNA.

The cloning procedure supports a long-held theory that transient electomagnetic pulses rather than steady state electricity are the trigger mechanism behind EMF induced cancer.

Because of many still unknown variables, the historic mammal cloning experiment carried out at the Roslin Institute in Midlothian Scotland, required 270 attempts before success.

Similar sets of variables must fall together in a destructive way when electromagnetic pulses cause or promote cancer in humans, explaining why most people exposed to EMF do not develop cancer. Therefore cancer and other possible health risks from EMF increase with the duration and frequency of exposure, and can be reduced through prudent avoidance.”


NEFTA is the only international public service Registry of independent professionals involved in electromagnetic field (EMF) testing, consulting, mitigation and research, with members across the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Canada.



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