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Cellular Processes, Cloning, Yeast and EMF’s August 27, 2006

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“As a possible health risk, it is especially important to identify cellular processes related to known mechanisms of carcinogenesis that can be affected by EMF. An unexpected outcome of cloning human genes has been the discovery that many cancer-related genes are very similar in all eucaryotes–from yeast to humans. Thus, yeast is proving to be a valuable experimental model in many areas of human cancer research. By exploiting the genetic and recombinant DNA technology for yeast, we will gain insight into the mechanism of cellular interactions with EMF. Additionally, we are utilizing the rapidly developing field of computational genomics (bioinformatics) to extend our findings with yeast to human cells to explore how EMF might contribute to human cancer.”




1. theresa szuminsky - August 30, 2006

I am looking for help, advocates and government officials knowledgeabe of EMF and ELF. I am being hurt by something that seems to be related to the electromagnetic fields. sincerely, theresa szuminsky

2. Eric Laurence - August 31, 2006

I represent a company that has a solution and I would like to help you. The technology used in these products protected the Russian cosmonauts from radiation, and BioPro bought rights to the technology.

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3. Eric Laurence - August 31, 2006

Please share your contact information, Teresa.

4. sam - October 14, 2008

hi i am doing a school project on human cloning. could anyone please help me if telling me anything worth putting into my 3000 word essay. Anything from negatives and positives, to the process of human cloning.
my email is 80362@shcs.sa.edu.au.

it would be greatly appreciated if anyone could help.


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