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Which Professionals are Good at Asking Questions from Different Kinds of People at the Same Time? August 26, 2006

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We need a new kind of team to set up the next study on EMF’s, because the issues cross so many disciplines. Professionals don’t have time to read all the journals from all the other professions. We need to talk.
How about a team like this?

A cardiologist, a brain surgeon, an electrician, a computer programmer, an eye doctor, an executive from the cell phone industry, a quantum physicist, a metallurgist, a wifi expert, a government official, several lawyers specialising in a variety of things, a scientific representative from NIH, a member of WHO, an international specialist in electrical engineering, a German dowser, another computer programmer specializing in networks, a yogi, a farmer in the boondocks away from all cell phones towers, along with several of his animals, and their vet, an agriculturialist who is near the towers, an environmentalist, a few athletes of different sports, an organic farmer, a few healthy volunteers, a geologist specializing in water, some sick people with a variety of diseases, some housewives with kids and some women who work, some teenagers with cell phones, some children with leukemia, someone who sets the SAR standards, some critics, some journalists, CNN, a medical research university president, maybe an astronaut or two, etc.

Anyone want to plan a conference?

Who might ask the best questions of this crew? And be able to synthesize the results?


Television Interviewers


Radio Interviewers

Organizational Development Consultants

Community Development Specialists

Environmental Study Experts

Management Consultants

Scientists at Forums

Peer Review Councils



Computer Usuage Professionals





1. regan - September 19, 2007

what are the greatest frequency of wifi?

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