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Air Force Developing Radio Frequency Emitting Devices, and Testing Animals August 26, 2006

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Radio Frequency Radiation BIOEFFECTS


Research at the United States Air Force

“Our Primary Mission: Protect personnel from radio frequency radiation (RFR) exposure hazards, while minimizing negative operational impact.

“The US Air Force is one of the largest developers and users of radio frequency emitting devices in the world and, consequently, has been at the forefront of research on the biological effects of radio frequency radiation for more than 30 years…

Collocated at Brooks AFB, TX, with Army and Navy RFR Research Programs,

World’s Largest, Most Expertly Staffed, & Best Equipped Facility for RFR Bioeffects Research,

Exposure Capabilities from 100 kHz to 94 GHz,

AAALAC Accredited Animal Facilities”

“Bioeffects research now being conducted by the Radiofrequency Radiation Branch examines effects at the subcellular, cellular, and whole organism levels… In order to examine carcinogenicity potential, some studies expose small laboratory animals to RFR over virtually their entire life span….

Other research focuses on the basic mechanisms of RFR bioeffects. Also emphasized are studies on the effects of millimeter wave frequency and high power microwave radiation on ocular and nervous system function.”

“Some new directed energy weapons systems use short, intense pulses of microwave energy to incapacitate opponent electronic systems. A major research effort is focused on determining the biological effects of these novel pulses….non-lethal weapons.



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