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Seizures, Epilepsy and EMF’s. August 25, 2006

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If EMF’s affect cells, genes, DNA and signaling enzymes, what effect are they having on the elderly?

“A seizure’s cause can be determined for about 28% of partial epilepsy patients. In the rest, however, epilepsy is idiopathic, which means that the cause is unknown…..

…Neurotransmitters. Abnormalities may occur in neurotransmitters, the chemicals that act as messengers between nerve cells. Three neurotransmitters are of particular interest:

  • The neurotransmitter gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA), which helps prevent nerve cells from over-firing. GABA deficiencies, then, are of particularly interest to researchers in epilepsy. Recent discoveries of genetic factors involved in epilepsy that regulate the GABA signaling system are reinforcing the importance of this neurotransmitter in the disease process.
  • Problems with the neurotransmitter serotonin are also being studied. This is an important brain chemical that is important for well being and associated behaviors (eating, relaxation, sleep).
  • Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter in the cholinergic system, which is important for learning and memory, and is of interest in seizures.”

…Occupational exposure to environmental triggers. High exposure to certain chemicals has been linked with seizures. A 2000 study of utility company employees in Denmark revealed an association between high exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) and an increased risk of epilepsy and neurologic diseases that affected motor control.”

…Alzheimer’s or other degenerative brain diseases in the elderly may cause seizures.



1. john - April 20, 2008

hey why not, I’ll be the first…. I and my family suffer from the effects of the cell base station “DEATH TOWER” down the road from our home. I have researched this and stumbled across electromagnetic RADIATION emissions and the murder they responsible for. I can time the pulses coming into my home and enviroment by the ringing/hihg pitch buzzinging my auditory cortex(inner ear), the tingling on my lips and the feeling of being in a fog with a nausiating feeling in my gut. my high blood pressure, the stroke I just had, along with the other symptoms I have along with my sons seizures, and his other symptons, WE NEED TO GO TO MAKE PEOPLE AWARE!!!! I think the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION =Mass murders and the
Telecommunication companies and gavernments/ Industry Canada are working to protect the radiation that they emit onto all of us and the enviroment which we live…… Time is short watch the bees…..

2. Electra - May 1, 2010

How can the World Health Organization say there is no proven link between electromagnetics and seizures when it is proven that an adverse effect of cranial magnetic stimulation is seizures?

3. Steve - September 4, 2010

My wife has suffered several major siezures in the last 6 months. we had moved into a townhouse which has main power lines running over the house and the power substation is less than 100 yards away. Her doctors have been unable to determine the cause of my wifes siezures. oh by the way does anyone know where I can buy an EMF detector

CHARLES M. COLBURN - October 28, 2011

Charlie, October, 2011

Just cheking in once again, as I am very aware that EMF, especially at 12KV and above cause Seizures. I have been battling with this for many years since my Brain Tumor removal in 1990. I am very interested who picked the Posting Date of of August 25th, my Birthday. I’m in my last place I hope, and want to remove three OH Spans and get the UG in Shielded Cable.

Any suggestions. By the way, EMF will be read by a very sensitive Voltrage Meter that Lineman typcially use.

4. Robyn Fritsch - March 18, 2013

My electrician husband started working at the power company’s sub station (the first time on this kind of job). After a month working at this job he woke up confused not remembering certain things. Eventually he would remember them. This went on for 10 months. Once a month, after sleeping he would wake up confused. Finally after 10 months he had a major seizure (convulsing, lip smacking, blank stare etc.) There was also a lot of stress in the family at the time, and he was working 12 hour days. The EEG confirmed he had a seizure, and was put on anti – seizure medication. He could not work so he was away from that environment, but also had a seizure in October and November, not as bad as the one in September, just blank stare and lip smacking. Anyway he is back to work in the same environment as when all this started. I guess my question is ,Could his seizures have been caused by the power lines where he is working? I asked the doctor and he kind of blew me off.

5. joahua - December 12, 2013

I am a electrician, I work for a large utility company. In which I constantly work in high voltage substations. Including nuclear plant low and high voltage plants. After around 5 years, I was working a 10 hour shift inside a (hot) energized substation. After around an 8 hour period I collapsed and had a seizure. Since then I have had approximately 12 seizures. The company I work for said it was unrelated to my work, and said I was too much of a liability to allow to continue to work. Prior to that day Oct. 5, 2011 I had never had a seizure. Their should be more studies done in this area. It has effected every part of my life.

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