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What is the relationship between Electromagnetic Radiation and Quantum Physics? August 24, 2006

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“Electromagnetic Radiation and Light Wave Energetics”

“All matter is immersed in it and it penetrates everywhere. No doors are closed to ether.”
– Albert Einstein, The Evolution of Physics 1
“The characteristic propagation of energetic electromagnetic radiation (EMR), including light wave propagation in the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum, is somewhat more complex than simply moving an object from point A to point B:

1. A ray of polychromatic white (colorless) light propagates (radiates) as a diverse mixture of periodic monochromatic waves in the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum. Furthermore, electromagnetic radiation necessarily involves the energetic generation of transverse electric and magnetic fields which are perpendicular (90 degrees, orthogonal) to each other and perpendicular (90 degrees, orthogonal) to the rectilinear (straight line) direction of propagation from point A to point B within the fundamental, irreducible, nonmaterial energy domain.

2. The energetic, transverse (orthogonal) electromagnetic fields self-generate through mutual induction after leaving the original source. Thus the transverse (orthogonal) electromagnetic fields energetically sustain any uninterrupted propagation of electromagnetic radiation such as a ray of white (colorless) light, or an emitted photon of higher or lower frequency outside the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum.

EMR propagation

Comparing the complexity of light wave and photon propagation with the classic example of water waves created on the calm surface of a lake or pond when a small stone is lobbed into it, the transverse (orthogonal) electric and magnetic fields of light wave (photon) propagation are analogous to the waves or ripples generated horizontally on the surface of the water, and the direction of light wave (photon) propagation is analogous to the stone sinking straight to the bottom.

Nonetheless, the hydrodynamic/electromagnetic imagery suffers a serious breakdown at this point.

Water waves are generated and propagated only transversely (90 degrees, orthogonal) away from a source in the horizontal plane. In marked contrast, the energetic electric and magnetic fields are not only generated perpendicular (90 degrees, orthogonal) to the direction of propagation, they are also simultaneously generated in the direction of propagation. Therefore – given sufficient time – energetic, self-sustaining propagation and constant uniform motion enables any unhindered electromagnetic wave or photon of visible light to cross an unlimited expanse of the material universe at the speed of light.”

A essay and work in progress by A.T. Williams


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1. Paul DeLeeuw - October 15, 2007

Yes, Maxwell said all that. Question is, when do quantum effects emerge? When you look at radio waves, nope, no quantum effects-just regular waves. When you look at cosmic waves, yup, lots of quantum effects. Basically they act like discrete quanta. So where is the transition?
I think maybe light is the transition. Light appears to act like both (either) depending on how you measure what you are looking at. If this is true, then the electromagnetic spectrum generates an output that gradually shifts from one kind of entity to the other. Might be a great way to study quantum effects: do your test on one frequency, then raise it to increase “quantum ” characteristics.
Just a thought. I Know nearly nothing about physics; I’m a MD. But I’d like to get a knowledgeable opinion on this.

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