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DNA, genes and cellular damage August 24, 2006

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“A recent study out of Finland suggests that a person’s genetic makeup can determine how much he or she will be affected by radiation from cellular phones.”

”This is certainly not a new topic. Warnings of damage from cell waves have been issued for many years now, starting with a wave of suspected links to brain cancer several years back. Previous attempts to prove such links have failed. And those failures, at least according to the Finnish scientists, occurred because the tests didn’t take genomic differences into account.”

“Tests at a research facility in Helsinki showed definite differences in the way that two genetically different sets of cells responded to 900 MHz GSM cell-phone radiation: One set of cells showed no remarkable difference, while the other showed damage to its DNA.”

Saturday August 5, 2006 12:27 AM ESTBy: Dave White
Source: Technologyreview.com


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