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Cell Phone Addiction August 23, 2006

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Cell Phones Provide New Addiction
by Adam Balkin
Published Apr 24, 2006

Ask yourself the question, “Are you addicted to your cell phone? How long could you do without it?”

“Yeah, it’s really bad,” said one cell user. “I’m crossing the street and emailing people. Obviously it’s a problem. I’m emailing them while I’m talking to you right now.”

“I made 3,000 calls in a month,” adds another caller. “Once the bill came through and it came in two separate envelopes because it was so big. It’s actually ringing at the moment.”

Well, those folks are not alone. According to a new AOL/Pew/Associated Press study on mobile phone use, more than a quarter, 29 percent, say they just could not do without it.

“When it comes to cell phones, in terms of our addiction, 30 percent of people say they absolutely could not live without it,” said AOL Consumer Advisor Regina Lewis. “Fifty percent of people say they never turn it off and when you look at young people, they say they’re ready to cancel their landline. Why not? So to say that we are married to this device is an understatement.”



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2. Laura - September 30, 2008

what is the correct medical term for someone who is addicted to mobile phones?

3. aaa - February 6, 2010


4. aaa - February 6, 2010

what may be the reason, why teens so addict on using cellphone..??

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