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EMF’s Impair Resistance to Infection August 22, 2006

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“One of the fundamental roles of the immune system is to protect the host from bacterial infection. Both high- and low-frequency EMFs have been shown capable of impairing resistance to infection (18, 19). Szmigielski et al. (18) studied the action of an EMF on the granulopoietic reaction in rabbits that had been subjected to an acute staphylococcal infection……An increase in the number of dead cells and a rise in the liberation of Iysosomal enzymes were found.”

Fig. 7.2. Granulopoietic reaction in infected rabbits exposed to an EMF.

A 200 gauss, 50 Hz EMF also altered the natural resistance to infection (19)….. the exposed animals exhibited more extensive bacterial growth in the Iymph nodes, liver, and spleen, and the phagocytic activity of their blood cells was decreased.

“There are several reports of altered phagocytic capability in animals exposed to high-frequency EMFs (21-24)….. …. there was a marked increase in phagocytic activity of the neutrophils during the first month’s exposure followed by a prolonged period of inhibited activity which lasted until the end of the 10-month exposure period.”

Shandala and Vinogradov also studied the effect of an EMF (1-500 µW/cm2, 2.4 GHz, for 30 days) …EMF-induced alterations in the complement titer in blood serum were also found…. Shandala et al. reported a significant disturbance in the immunological system of rats exposed intermittently to 500 µW/cm2 for 30 days (26): blast cells in peripheral blood, and the rosette-forming cells in the spleen and thymus were both altered following EMF exposure.”

“EMFs have been reported to alter the response of immunocompetent Iymphocytes (27, 28)….B-lymphocytes (responsible for humoral antibody synthesis) and neutrophils are each derived from bone-marrow stem cells. Czerski et al. reported that guinea pigs subjected to a pulsed EMF (2.9 GHz, 1000 µW/cm2, 4 hr./day for 14 days) exhibited an abnormal circadian rhythm of bone-marrow stem-cell mitoses (30). In a comparable study involving guinea pigs, it was found that the EMF altered megakaryocytic activity in the bone marrow (29); it stimulated increased levels of megakaryocyte destruction, and a compensatory proliferation of megakaryoblasts.”



1. james - July 30, 2007

The ancients knew..when will the people wake up to their subtle energy/nervous systems? when will the truth be told as we bask in electromagnetic pollution? I believe there may have even been some research into the magnetite crystals contained in our brains in relation to emf affecting them..

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