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August 19, 2006

Posted by healthyself in Cell phone safety.

Workplace Fatigue August 23, 2006

Posted by cellphonesafety in Environment, Learning, Lifestyle, Research, Government’s role, Blogroll, Stress, Health related, Depression, Safety, Women’s Health, Employees, HRD, Solutions, Immune system, Workplace, Men’s Health, Inflammation, Cancer Protection, Symptoms, Public Policy, Harmonics, Grants, radiation, Chronic Fatigue, Health and Wellness Products, EMR, mobile telephones, ELF, Cell phone safety, EMF’s, high voltage transmission lines, Electromagnetic pollution, Who is Affected?, Electrosensitivity, EMF Research, Memory Loss, Risk of Disease, Microwave exposure, Biological Effects, Electrosmog, High Frequencies, Mitigation, 60 Hz Magnetic Fields, MHz, 50 Hz. 1 comment so far , edit post Many employees use computers, cell phones, copiers, printers, scanners and other electronic equipment to do their jobs. Cubicles in large rooms often have several pieces of electronic equipment in them, so employees sitting in those large rooms are exposed to electromagnetic radiation from a lot of equipment in the environment. Men and and some women are carrying cell phones in their pocket. Some employees work near high transmission lines. All of these things may be contributing to invisible and cumulative health problems.

Employers would be well advised to put universal chips infused with energy resonance technology on their computer equipment and cell phones. Many employees work near many computers and other devices like printers and copiers that are all producing electromagnetic frequencies. The employees are therefore being exposed in multiple ways.

Some employees show greater sensitivity to the electromagnetic radiation. Research would indicate that this may be an increasing problem for employers. If employees show increasing suffering from extreme stress, fatigue, attention issues, and depression, employers should take note and take precautions before they have really serious health issues to deal with and increasing health care costs.

Unfortunately, employees who experience the symptoms may not consciously connect their symptoms with their workplace, or the equipment at work. Upper management, HRD management, and safety engineers need to be educating themselves on this subject.

Government should also take note and provide protection through universal chips. While government agencies involved in research on EMF’s are still making up their minds about how to position their views on this subject, they could be advising other government officials to be taking precautions to prevent health issues among government workers in the meantime. The universal chips are balancing in themselves, so they might be helpful even if the government does not choose to change its standards.

Upper management of companies and government needs to be making budget decisions to put protective chips on all their equipment. It will save them money in the long run on health care costs, absenteeism, and reduction in productivity.



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