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Dangers of Analog and Digital Cordless Telephones August 19, 2006

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“…Microwave Radiation is not restricted to Mobile Phones, their Transmission Towers and microwave ovens. No, Cordless telephones too, emit this dangerous microwave radiation, especially the new era of Digital Cordless Telephones (DECT), whose base/charging units are constantly emitting microwave radiation into our homes and workplace, even when the phone is not in use.”

“This is like having a mobile phone mast installed inside your house, constantly emitting microwave radiation into your immediate environment. In this respect, this represents an even greater threat to your health and wellbeing than that posed by the occasional use of a mobile phone. People naturally spend more time using this type of phone than they do a mobile phone – not because of any perceived health risk – but simply because the telephone charges are much less expensive, so we and our children spend more time ‘on air’ so to speak, and as a result, we are being slowly and consistently microwaved towards ill health and the possibility of premature death. Yet nobody is warning us about the potential dangers of using Digital Cordless Telephones.”

“Analogue Cordless Telephones are not as safe as we are led to believe either, though they are not as potentially dangerous as their digital equivalent. However, whilst the base unit/charger on analogue cordless phones does not appear to emit detectable microwave radiation when the phone is not in use, both the handset and the base unit DO emit detectable high levels of microwave radiation when making or receiving calls.”

“It is interesting here to point out that microwave ovens operate at 915MHz and 2450MHz (0.915GHz – 2.45GHz), mobile phones at: GSM/analogue at 900MHz (0.9GHz) and Digital (GSM/PCN/DECT) at 1800MHz (1.8GHz), with the new G3 ‘next generation’ mobile phones assigned to operate at 2200MHz (2.2GHz). It is not difficult to see and appreciate that the same frequencies (and higher than those) used to cook our food and boil our water are being used in this mobile phone technology. A technology that is held directly against our head (the brain is composed of 90% water), placed on our rooftops, in our gardens, by our schools etc.”

“What is even more alarming is that this new era of Digital Cordless Telephones (DECT) operate at a frequency range of around 1880MHz to 1900MHz (1.88GHz – 1.9GHz), slightly above the frequencies used by mobile phones, and, therefore, when used, are potentially more dangerous to our health. Especially if they are constantly emitting microwave radiation into our homes and workplace even when the phones are not in use.”




1. Denny Bowyer - March 30, 2008

Hi there! Thankfully SOMEONE has the intelligence and wisdom to reveal the dangers of cordless phones. And bearing in mind that such disgusting US TV series such as Brothers and Sisters are actually ADVERTISING these killers (using young children to speak on them with the usual american EMOTION!), and also bearing in mind all the rest of the POISON these series advertise, such as cigarettes, chewing gum laced with aspartane etc, and fluoride mouth wash etc. etc, then it should becaome quite clear that “someone” out there is systematically and DELIBERATELY poisoning and irradiating us!!! And again, bearing in mind the highly toxic MERCURY packed into everybody’s teeth, RIGHT UNDER EVERYBODY’S NOSES!!! Denny.

2. Denny Bowyer - June 22, 2008

Hi there again…
Just thought I’d bring to your attention that ther’s been alot of warnings going out recently about the dangers of ‘mobile’ phones, and how children under 12 should completely avoid them. Well firstly whoever is responsible for these ‘warnings’ knows perfectly well that NO ONE is going to take notice of them and that nothing will stop children using them. But secondly what is more important is that by sending out these bogus ‘warnings’ about mobiles they’re DISTRACTING EVERYONE FROM THE FAR MORE DANGEROUS CORDLESS UNITS IN EVERYONE’S HOME WHICH YOU’RE NOT BEING WARNED ABOUT AT ALL!! WHEN ARE PEOPLE GOING TO WAKE UP TO WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR VERY NOSES ?!!
Denny. sambhava52@hotmail.com

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