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What are EMF’s August 17, 2006

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When referring to electromagnetic frequencies, we open up a large topic which includes jargon from many fields of interest. Some EMF’s are produced naturally from the earth. These are not harmful, and in fact, can be beneficial. Other EMF’s are produced through various man-made or man-engineered processes, such as video display terminals, computer monitors and the like. Some of emitted frequencies can be harmful, especially in certain amounts. There is much discussion about where the boundaries are as to what is helpful, harmful or destructive.

Researchers are looking at this from different perspectives. Studies are done with various voltages. You might read about EMF’s being described in any of these ways:

Electromagnetic Field

10 Hz

12 mG

12000 volts


50 Hz

50/60 Hz

500 Volts

5000 volts

60 Hz Magnetic Fields

60 Hz Magnetic Fields


Electric Fields


Electromagnetic Field Interactions

Electromagnetic Radiation




Extremely Low Frequency

High Transmission Lines

Low-Intensity Microwaves

Magnetic Field Effect

Magnetic Fields


Microwave Effects

Microwave Electromagnetic Fields

Microwave Enhancement

Microwave exposure


Modulated VHF fields

Non-Ionizing Microwave Radiation

Perverse Energy

Power Transmission Lines

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields

Radio Frequency Range

Radio Transmitters

Radio Wave Radiation




Radiofrequency fields

Radiofrequency reduction

Resonance Effect

RF Electromagnetic Radiation

Television Transmitters

UHF Generators

Ultrahigh Frequencies


Video Display Terminals

Weak magnetic fields

Medium Frequency Electromagnetic Fields


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