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Government Authorities Do Not Endorse the Hands-Free Kit for Cell Phones August 17, 2006

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The U.K. Department of Health decided not to endorse hands-free kits to cut radiation exposure from cell phones. In its consumer brochure on Mobile Phones and Health, the department told consumers that ‘the level of effectiveness of hands-free kits to reduce SAR is still uncertain.’”, Microwave News, January/February 2002)

There are conflicting results about the use of the earbuds. Headsets with airtubes seem to be safer.

Some studies suggest that radiation exposure could actually be higher because the ear piece is closer to the brain.

Martin Whild, Assistant Information Officer, National Radiological Protection Board, Evening Times London, England April 30, 2004.



1. Mary - December 2, 2006

I have used the Sony Walkman phone with ear-pieces for two periods of time. both times this has coincided with a high level of intermittnet pain in my ears. The pain in sudden, sharp and lasts for around a minute. It feels like an electic shock and travels down to my jaw area.
I visited my doctor on 2 occasions and he could not diagnose any condition.
Has this sort of reaction been noticed by anyone else?

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