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The Role of Nutrition in Harmonizing the Effects of Radiation from Cell Phones etc. August 16, 2006

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The Role of Nutrition in Harmonizing the Effects of Radiation from Cell Phones etc.

It appears from some research that radiation from EMF’s affects the cell membrane in ways that are not clearly understood. It hardens the cell wall so that nutrients can’t get in and toxins can’t get out. This is a pretty serious situation.

Somehow, the radiation appears to have some effect on signaling enzymes in the body. We don’t completely understand it. But perhaps that is the reason why EMF’s are being looked at in terms of a variety of different health issues.

There are things you can do about it.

Some foods are protective against radiation. Miso soup is help, and some kinds of beans.

For anyone on the typical American diet, which seems to be fast food occasionally, a Starbucks Latte from time to time, Friday night Pizza with a beer or two, and eating out several times a week, some attention to nutrition may be in order. You probably aren’t getting 5-9 fruits and vegetables every day.

There are products on the market which will give you dried fruits and vegetables grown without pesticides and without the calories or fat. This is a good ADDITION to your diet.

Some food products are made so they are protective against radiation.

Oh, I know, you don’t like change. But you know, we’ve been making changes for a long time. Remember the farm breakfasts of eggs and bacon and sausage and potatoes and gravy and coffee and cobbler? How many people can still do that?

And remember when no guy would drink 2% milk? By now he has probably given up the milk! Or eat whole wheat bread?

We have to live in this world. We have to make changes to suit our lifestyle. Cell phones and wireless devices are here to stay unless we invent something better. If they stress our bodies, then we need to do something to modify our lifestyle to adapt to the situation. We need not wait for the evolution of the species! We can adopt healthy habits now!

And what are healthy habits? I can’t tell you how many people tell me “they eat well.” and then I find out they don’t know the first thing about nutrition, or they think the farm breakfast is healthy eating. Or they just like the taste of canned foods better. Or something like that.

Each person needs a diet which is suited to their constitution, and just about everyone needs more fruits and veggies, good water, and some omega 3 fatty acids.

Lying in the sun or sand, bathing and swimming can be helpful too.


1. Eric Laurence - August 17, 2006

Dr. George Carlo suggests that we are approaching a major health crisis that will become obvious shortly, because of EMF’s from cell towers. He is a primary researcher in the field.

Fortunately, one company is making some nutritional products that are exemplary, because they not only provide great nutrition, but they are manufactured in a way that make them more absorbable than most foods. The problem described above is eliminated using these food sources.

One product is a drink made from mangosteen and herbs like ginseng. Mangosteen is a powerful anti-inflammatory. It has 100% of the primary vitamins that you need as well, and within 60 seconds it starts to affect the biofield in a helpful way.

This is a great product for anyone who wants to protect their health. Good results have been seen for children with autism. Most people find that they feel better.

But best of all, it protects against the effects of radiation.

You can buy it from my website. I suggest you put it on an automatic order so you never run out. Drink some every morning and you will notice the difference.

The company also has nutritional products in capsules that are also protective against cell phone radiation. They are pure fruits and vegetables.


Eric Laurence

http://www.mybiopro.com/eric Laurence

2. Chris - February 23, 2007

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