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How do the cells and the brain communicate? August 16, 2006

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“Biochemical mechanisms of inter- and intra-cellular signal transduction have become increasingly well characterised, stimulated by studies of weak bioeffects from electromagnetic (EM) fields. Interest in possible adverse effects of weak EM fields and radiation from mobile telephones has also given new impetus to EM field effects on cerebral rhythmic emissions. This paper proposes the existence of a mechanism of interaction between mammalian brains and individual cells by direct physical information transfer, and offers supporting experimental evidence.”

“The hypothesis that endogenous electric fields from the brain can influence cellular processes directly without chemical action is tested by examining their influence on lymphocyte viability as shown by trypan blue exclusion.”….


…”Exposure to the endogenous electric fields of their donor appears to improve the viability of human peripheral blood lymphocytes, whereas exposure to to artificial 50Hz. or RF/MW electric fields depresses viability. This finding may have implications for the avoidance and management of immune-related health disorders. The existence of a purposive biophysical communications system between brain and immune system cells cannot be ruled out.”



1. steve - December 6, 2006


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