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2000 Pound Challenge to Research ELF effect on Infants. No takers. August 15, 2006

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“This challenge was first thrown down in 1999. We have had not one single person daring to take it up and thereby win a thousand pounds. In June 2003 I doubled the stakes! First take a look at our studies on sudden infant death syndrome, ME, and on childhood leukaemia …..

NRPB investigation levels advise 12000 Volts per metre at ELF frequencies at the level where investigation becomes necessary to see if the field is strong enough to inflict adverse health effects from burning. Below this level no special precautions are necessary, they say. Power utilities around the world hide behind this advice (in some countries the level is only 5000 Volts per metre, (in Russia it is 500 Volts per metre…and the utilities broadly deny that non-thermal effects from Electric field exposures below 5000 Volts per metre could be hazardous.

…studies …have shown that people sleeping in bedplaces where the ELF electric field is elevated above normal levels (say above 20 Volts per metre) there is serious ill health from chronic exposure (asthenias and leukaemias in adults, cot death in children)…”

“The £2000 ($3000) Coghill Challenge is:

Place any human infant of less than three months age to sleep each night for at least eight hours in an ELF electric field of 100 Volts per metre for thirty days. My studies predict that child will die, or become so seriously ill that the test will have to be called off….

I will personally bet any NRPB member of staff or any any electric power utility worker around the world £2000 (or US$3000) willing to do this experiment, that my prediction will prove correct.

Only one £2000 payment will be made …..

Only power worker employee and NRPB staff employee parents are eligible for the Coghill Challenge.

This challenge was originally mounted on 4 July 1999, and was extended as from 4 July 2003.”




1. Siddhi - August 6, 2008

Perhaps try it on some animals first? Have you done that?

2. Siddhi - August 6, 2008

Btw, do you know of any good information resources regarding the beneficial potentialities of ELF? e.g. improving health, wellbeing, concentration etc

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