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Schools are fighting and winning the battle over cell towers. August 14, 2006

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Many schools are fighting against having cell towers near them.  Some schools are winning.  Some children are dying in the meantime.  Administrators, School Boards, Parents, Teachers, and the cell phone industry, wifi networks etc are in conflict.




1. Kathy Perry - August 14, 2006

Awesome! Keep up the fight and keep the children safe.
Kathy Perry, Founder of PeakPerformanceWomen.com


2. Bill Shepherd - August 15, 2006

The problem of EMF pollution has been known for several years, it is only just now that we are getting research to verify and define it. Good going.

This is really good information. It should help to wake up the population to the hazards these modern conveniences can cause, and a way to rectify them. The rendering of these hazards to a state of safety is of primary importance.

There is a company that has the solutions ready and available as we speak.



3. Elizabeth - September 28, 2006

Judge Strom of US District Court in Omaha sided with US Cellular in placing a 75′ cell tower next to an elementary school in a residentially-zoned district. The City Attorney did not argue the case and the Mayor, Planning Department and City Council refuse to appeal – stating “we can’t win this case and won’t implement ordinances because the Federal Law requires us to allow these towers.”
The tower is 50′ – 100′ from residences where children reside and an in-home daycare.
Omaha officials are turning a blind eye.
We’ve found a city Planning Department employee is also a Deacon for the church where the tower will be placed. He approached the USCOC consultant about placing a tower on their property. USCOC will also allow at least one other carrier to colocate on the tower.
Residents were advised today the City will not appeal. Our fight is over and we’ve lost. USCOC sponsors numerous events in our city and it is clear their influence over our City officials is stronger than the collective efforts of over 400 residents to fight such invasions to our neighborhoods.
We were not allowed to submit tesitmony about health hazards of having such a facility near an elementary school. Our PTA refused to act on our behalf and the school prevented us from actively informing parents about this issue (the school is currently under renovation and students are being transported to another school until next Fall).
Does anyone have any suggestions as to how we can continue to fight this battle?

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