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Health Effects from Electromagnetic Fields(EMF) Exposure: the Mercury Connection August 14, 2006

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1. Reviewers for a comprehensive EMF risk assessment by the California Dept. of Health Services have determined that it is highly likely that EMF causes some forms of cancer, along with chronic neurological conditions like ALS, Alzheimer’s, Depression, etc.

2.Medical and epidemiological studies have found strong evidence that EMF exposure causes some forms of cancer, along with neurological conditions like ALS, Alzheimer’s Disease, Depression, etc.

3. One mechanism by which EMF causes these immune and neurological conditions is the fact that EMF has been found to cause significant increases in release of mercury into the body of those with amalgam dental fillings; and mercury has been documented to cause all of these immune and neurolgical conditions.

4.Amalgam dental fillings have been documented to be the largest source of mercury in most people who have amalgam fillings, with common mercury exposures more than Government health guidelines.

5. Most people get significant exposures to Electromagnetic Fields(EMF) from computer monitors, televisions, microwaves, other appliances, and power lines. These exposures have been found to significantly increase release and excretion of mercury in those with amalgam fillings.”



1. Eric Laurence - August 15, 2006

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2. missy - September 29, 2006

This artical is really good information for my science fair project! Thanks

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