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How Does the Scalar Heal? August 13, 2006

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Improving circulation.

“Research in 1950 at the Max Planck Institute in Germany found that when a mechanically created scalar wave was introduced into a petrie dish containing living cells, the cells separated, lost their clumping and became more active within the fluid medium. This is a significant finding. All disease, injury or degeneration is accompanied by swelling and stasis in blood and lymphatic circulation. The body’s healing substances are then immobilized. Apparently the expansion aspect of the scalar energy improves circulation by removing the pressures. We have found that the scalar energy remarkably reduces swelling. I doubt that this occurs from ionization of fluids because the zero-frequency of the scalar is not ionized.”

Improving chemistry.

“Puharich found improvement in the immune and endocrine systems from in vitro study of scalars. Rein did extensive biological studies using the Teslar watch. Lymphocytes exposed to the Teslar watch scalars increased proliferation by 75% compared to the same watch without a scalar coil. Using other scalar generators he discovered a modulation of basic biochemical communication between nerve cells. Byrd also showed scalar energy increased the strength of low-level EEG frequencies. Rein found individual differences in biological responses to both electromagnetic fields and scalar energy. Our research has shown that the individual’s signature pattern of the electromagnetic field, probably the coherency of the individual’s field, predicts the responsiveness to both energies. Furthermore, Rein questioned how much effect on biotissue could be uniquely attributed to the scalar wave since it exists in a larger electromagnetic field.”




1. Jeannine Timmins - August 13, 2006

This is really exciting!

Thanks for making this information available to us.

One of the reasons that the BioPro products work, and are protective, is that they produce a Scalar. By layering the different products, using them outside th body (chips, home harmonizer, smartcard) and inside the body (fruit and veggie caps, stress relieving caps and juice), not only can the person be protected from EMF’s, they can be improving not only their resistance, but their health as well, which is exactly what the BioPro researchers have been finding.

Cell towers and electricity is part of our world. We aren’t going to get rid of it, even though a few communities have forced the cell towers off their property. Our best best is not only to learn to live with it, but learn to transcend it, get better because of it, and enjoy all the benefits of our technologies.

It’s worth the relatively minor cost in contrast to the major health risks. $30 for a phone chip? WHY NOT?

And if you aren’t getting 9 fruits and vegetables every day, please put the fruit and veggie caps on automatic order. It couldn’t be simpler.


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