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Maybe researchers are asking the wrong question about EMF’s August 11, 2006

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Research follows a particular methodology. But what if we changed the way we view it? Often medical research has looked for the cause of a particular disease, such as cancer. What if the cause and effect are not directly related?

People may show various illnesses because of their particular vulnerabilities. So the same cause might show up differently in different people. For instance, since radiation seems to affect the cell membrane, and the signaling in the body, the same cause (radiation) may look different in kids, for instance, than in adults.

Kids are more vulnerable because their skulls are thinner. Yet, they may have more immunity than their parents. And they are certainly getting more exposure to radiation that their elders did as kids.

So, setting up a good research program is complicated. It requires asking the right questions. And it requires being convincing enough to get the funding before the answers are there.

Personally, I don’t want to wait for the research. I think it is important to build the immune response against radiation now.

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