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The Cover Up About EMF’s….Why? August 11, 2006

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“A good ten years have been lost by cover-up attempts, improper research fundings and an unwillingness to address the issue. By not addressing the issue of VDT injuries and electrical sensitivity, we have allowed something far worse to happen. In the shadow of the cover up activities, we have built microwave transmitters in our cities ( for cellular phones). The microwave transmitters are on roof tops, on apartment buildings, on water towers, on hills, in the depth of forests, on islands in the archipelago. Soon they will be in every block, in tunnels, in shopping centers, in offices. This has been done without thoroughly investigating the long term effects on human health of micro-waves. Research in this field (high frequencies), has been ignored, discouraged and even stopped. This is by far the biggest environmental threat to humans. Soon there will be no place on earth where you can be without being enveloped in the invisible electro-smog. Had we listened to the electrically and-VDT-injured we might have learned someting and paused, before smothering ourselves in microwaves.”




1. bob - August 23, 2006

without a doubt, this information needs to be sent to everyone. Cell towers are now showing up disguised as trees or watertowers as well as in church steeples throughout England and now in places like Hungary and the US. This is extremely dangerous to all of us. The waves they produce is harmful to our mental and physical well being. Please do all that you can to block cell towers from your communities, for GOD’s sake people, get involved in our country, don’t just sit back and let it all just happen. I saw a bumper sticker that said ” if you are not p#ss$d off than you’re not paying attention.

2. Cindy - February 26, 2008

WE have just recently had a cell tower put just feet from our property line.Verizon is paying the man with the property but it isn’t even as near his home as it is ours. We have been told that they followed the zoning rules and have it at least 50 ft from our boundary line. It has been a huge dissappointment to us because no one ever informed us that this tower was being built. I’m sorry, the lady that owns the land had seen us a year before and told us that they were getting a cell tower but you would have thought it would have been close to their home. Verizon never informed us and when I contacted them they couldn’t find my home on their map. We are right underneath it. That is how close it is. It has ruined our little retirement home in the country where we thought no one would bother us. It has lowered our value of the property also. I am very concerned in what and how much radiation is coming from this tower. It is 154 ft tall with the little shanty shack at the bottom of it placed all in a fence. Talk about dissappointment in what our Federal government and local government is doing to us. We should all be up in arms and fight to get this solved.

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