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If Not Now, When? Good Question. August 11, 2006

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“…..I trust that the public recognizes the concern of this Council for the health and safety of the public, evinced clearly in the protective constraints of Decision and Order of [Docket No. 141], with which the utilities have cooperated, including mandatory compliance with any new federal or state EMF standards. I voted for the Certificate in September, 1991, despite the troubling preliminary evidence of a link between low level EMF compared with 1988-1989, because of its uncertainty, in reliance on these features of the Decision and Order. Changed conditions as discussed above now require something more. At a minimum they require that the affected residences and schools along the Bridgeport to Norwalk new 115kv line be accorded at least additional informational protections pursuant to our 1993 Best Management Practices and such other measures as may be shown to be needed after a full evidentiary hearing. To the object that this Docket is not the forum to achieve this purpose, which I believe to be shared by all Council members, I must ask, ‘if not now, when?’ Moreover, if reopening [Docket No. 141] has implications for households and schools adjacent to other electric power line in the state, then so be it. Associated costs would clearly fall within the scope of prudent expenses and investment by the utilities, includable as such in their rates….”

Litigation – Recent Cases.
Dissenting Opinion Filed By Council Commissioner Paulann Sheets

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1. Kathy Perry - August 11, 2006

Public Health – let’s litigate! That always seems to be the answer. How about we let the public know about the dangers of EMF exposure so that they can do something to protect themselves. But then again, if it’s a huge class action lawsuit it may get picked up by the mainstream media. Glad we have a solution to protect ourselves with BioPro products. Kathy

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