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What are beneficial frequencies? August 10, 2006

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We are made of energy. We carry a frequency, as does everything. It is how we can go into a room and know whether we feel comfortable, or not. Generally we feel comfortable with other things and people that resonate with us.

Some frequencies balance us. Others distort our energy. Some frequencies are healing. Others are disturbing.

We are affected by frequencies all the time. Circadian rhythms are from frequencies that affect us daily, moving in concert with the ocean waves and movements of planets.

The Institute for Heartmath made some important discoveries about musical frequencies in their research. Some tended to help the heart rhythm, others tended to make people feel unbalanced. Music like Mozart and some designer music helped the heart, whereas some new age music caused fatigue and heavy metal music create a lot of disturbance.


This is a very large subject.

Hopefully telephone companies and other manufacturer’s or electronic equipment will one day find ways to use beneficial frequencies.



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