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Some EMF’s Appear to Promote Healing August 10, 2006

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“From this studies findings there appears to be a significant elevation in 2-4 Hz band amplitude in the EMF produced by the body during healing…this significant increase in the low end of the FFT curve returns to normal with resolution of the injury. This result has a remarkable similarity to that found and reported by Becker (1), in his analysis of DC changes at the site of injury….

..The question then arises, “From where does this 1-4Hz EMF in the body arise?” One probable source of low frequency fluctuations in tissue is the fluctuating cellular membrane potentials…. …Even a ten percent (10%) fluctuation in this membrane potential would produce 100 microvolt EMF pulses. Other research suggests the extracellular gap junctions act as conduits of electromagnetic pulses needed in cellular communication (2). These gap junction EMF pulses are believed to be necessary for cell communication and signaling, by maintaining normal growth and differentiation in living tissue (3). The authors prior work has shown that low frequency, random or chaotic pulses produce the most effective and rapid pain relief when compared to higher frequency microcurrent stimulation (5).

Unfortunately not all injuries undergo normal healing…..There appears to be a distinct and significant difference in the EMF spectra of those persons who heal normally and those persons having chronic disease states like DJD. The normal controls heal by elevating the low frequency component of the spectra, whereas chronic disease sufferers are unable to do this. This brings in the possibility of artificially boosting the low end of the spectra of patient’s suffering from chronic, unhealed injury. Some preliminary observation would suggest this is a sensible approach in that both pain reduction and increased range of motion have been consistently observed by the author when DJD suffers are given systemic boosts of proper microcurrent.”




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