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Heavy Metals in the Brain! August 10, 2006

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Dr. Sherry Rogers, an MD who has helped many people with chemical sensitivities, claims that cell phones actually cause leakage of the blood-brain barrier.  “This membrane is designed to to protect our brains from toxic chemicals passing into it.   These radio frequency electromagnetic fields make the blood brain barrier so leaky, that even large proteins, like albumin, which happens to be the carrier for lots of drugs and chemicals, pass right through the blood brain barrier where they damage the neurons.  This leakage causes the onslaught of heavy metals into the brain and it happens within a few hours of exposure…it lasts as long as eight weeks after the exposure.  So lots of other environmental chemicals can sneak into the brain and stockpile during this time.”

Dr. Sherry Rogers, M.D.,  Total Wellness, Sept. 2005



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