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Cell phones cook eggs, and your brain? August 9, 2006

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Subject: Cooking an egg with cell phones
Many organizations including the cell phone industry often downplay the risk of cell phone radiation to the brain. Results from short-term studies were used to convince consumers that use of a cell phone is not associated with brain tumors or cancer, which only develop decades after exposure.

To be fair, no one knows exactly how much harm a cell phone can do to a person. However, one thing for sure is that the radiation from a cell phone is harmful. It is only a matter of how much. There is no denying that.


Recently, new media has reported a study showing the radiation from cell phones is so full of energy they can be used to cook eggs.

In the experiment, researchers placed one egg in a porcelain cup (because it is easy to conduct heat), and put one cell phone on one side and another cell phone on the other. The researchers then called from one cell phone to another and kept the cell phones on after connecting.

During the first 15 minutes, nothing changed. After 25 minutes, however, the egg shell started to become hot and at 40 minutes, the surface of the egg became hard and bristled. Researchers found the protein in the egg had become solid although the egg yolk was still in liquid form. After 65 minutes, the whole egg was well cooked.

The study shows how scary cell phone radiation is. People should try to avoid use of cell phones. Although so far no one has proved the radiation from cell phones can cause something clinically significant. By the same token, there has been no one who can disprove the existence of such a risk.

Children should be forbidden from cell phone use because they still grow their brains and are particularly vulnerable to radiation.
Try this and report on your results.

(It’s not all doom and gloom: see solutions on the right.)



1. Jeannine Timmins - August 9, 2006

Parents, Please Don’t Let Your Children Use an Unprotected Cell Phone or Wireless Phone!

Because of a child’s thinner skull, cell phone radiation penetrates much further! It is very dangerous for kids, and the effects are invisible and cumulative. There is a simple solution.

Please put a chip on your phones just $30 to make your phones safe.

You can purchase it here:


For more information about the effects of cell phone radiation, please view the following videos:


Thanks for your attention to this important issue. I am a Mom, and I care about kids.

2. Robert Bednarz - August 10, 2006

Oh please ! Another bogus , unproven, bit of quackery to give the uneducated some sense of security.
Putting a decal on the side of your phone does nothing but make some scammer $30 richer.

3. cellphonesafety - August 10, 2006

Thank you for your opinion; however, you might want to educate yourself on this particular technology. You are correct that the first attempts at using shields to put on phones did not work successfully because emf’s were blocked only from the place where the shield was, or that the signal was interrupted, or emf’s could leak out from the keypad.

My understanding is that this particular technology, which was used successfully for the Russian cosmonauts to protect against radiation, does not block the emf’s, but harmonizes the frequency so it is not harmful. Some frequencies are beneficial.

Research has been done on it, and it helps 100% of the people who have been tested. The testing showed that they were the same as the baseline before using the phone, and often better. In other words, the chip increased their resistance to the emf’s. This is exactly what needs to happen.

All things that look the same are not necessarily equal. The chip is not a decal. It is made of a resin which is a carrier for the positive frequency.

Please contact the distributor for more detailed information about this.

4. Josh Renfrew - March 29, 2007

i say, bullshit!

5. The Scientist - July 16, 2007

You do know the cell phone cooking eggs thing is a hoax, right? If you don’t believe me, you could always, oh I don’t know, actually try it for yourself? But then of course you’d be substituting quackery for actual scientific process…

6. Dr. John Kent - August 1, 2007

Comments: The “news” that radio frequency emissions from a pair of cell phones can be harnessed for cooking caused quite a stir in the blogosphere when it broke last February. Skeptics insisted it was impossible — that the slight wattage emitted by mobile phones isn’t strong or consistent enough to heat an object to cooking temperature. Some tried to replicate the experiment, without success. Others investigated the original source of the information, the Wymsey Village Web, and questioned its authenticity. Mightn’t the name “Wymsey” be a clue?

Sure enough, the site’s Webmaster, one Charles Ivermee of Southampton, U.K., stepped forward to acknowledge authorship of the article and confirm that its content was purely satirical, not factual. “It was 6 years ago,” Ivermee told Gelf Magazine, “but I seem to recall that there was a lot of concern about people’s brains getting fried and being from a radio/electronics background I found it all rather silly. So I thought I’d add to the silliness.” He expressed bewilderment at how seriously people seemed to be taking it. One British exam study site, he said, had republished the information without even attempting to verify it.

Source From : http://forum.silk2.org
With Translation

7. Pro Photo - November 14, 2007

Thanks Doctor, it is good to see someone with knowledge and history debunking this myth.

8. jcksn » Blog Archive » Your cellphone is dangerous? - June 8, 2008

[…] Cell phones cook eggs, and your brain? Sphere: Related Content […]

9. Biopro - May 27, 2009

Yes, this was a hoax. But cell phone radiation IS considered a health risk by major health experts. A recent 60 Minutes (Australia) report interviwed prominent neurosurgeons who researched the subject and came to the conclusion that we might see a potential health epidemic with billions of people using the cell phones nowadays. You can watch the 60 Minutes video here:

10. Dave Percival - July 31, 2010

It is now an established fact that there is a link between brain tumors and the excess use of mobile phones. Would a solution be for all manufacturers of cell phones to have a cell phone radiation shield fitted to every phone. Cell phone radiation shields have now been proved as being effective. The cost is not prohibitive and certainly by mass production the cost should be very low.

11. cell phone radiation wifi - June 24, 2013

He has the first hand experience with the Brain tumours from Cell Phones Radiation.
Mother-to-be can keep far enough distance with cell
phones. You’ll be able that somewhere on the way, your computer will become acting up and you should think it is really a virus, when in fact it will be a problem together with software compatibility because of recent upgrade.

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