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What is ElectroMagnetic Radiation? (EMR) (EMF) August 7, 2006

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Radiation [or Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), is energy in a wave form. It is described by its frequency (measured in hertz) and its wavelength (measured in metres). Sometimes it is referred to as Electromagnetic Energy (EME).

An Electromagnetic Field (EMF) is made up of an electric field and a magnetic field. Electrical fields occur whenever there is a voltage – the higher the voltage, the stronger the electric field. These are measured in volts per meter (V/m).

Magnetic fields occur where there is a current – the greater the current, the stronger the magnetic field. A magnetic field only exists when the current is switched on. Magnetic fields are measured in units of gauss (G). Both the fields become weaker the further away from the source.

EMFs occur naturally and also come from sources created by human activity.

Natural EMFs comes from sources such as the earth’s own magnetic field, electrical storms, the sun and even the body’s own essential electric activity. These natural EMFs are of a very low strength.

Manufactured EMFs, which have higher frequencies, come from overhead power lines, electric wiring in buildings, radio towers, laser tools, and so on. It is these that are of more concern.

Radiation can potentially interfere with the body and cause harm. Frequency and wavelength are used to classify different types of radiation. The electromagnetic spectrum spans a wide range of frequencies and wavelengths, from extra-low frequency (for example from the electric power supply) to extremely high frequency (X-rays).


“The Super Low and Extra Low Frequency bands are…used accidentally…..For instance, electricity authorities have very long antennae, called power lines, that radiate at 50 or 60 Hz. This signal is picked up as ‘hum’ and is cursed by electrical engineers everywhere.”


I wonder why the “hum” is cursed by engineer? Hmmmm



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