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What is Cancer? August 7, 2006

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This is how the National Environmental Health Sciences defines it:

What is Cancer?
“Cancer” is a term used to describe at least 200 different diseases, all involving uncontrolled cell growth. The frequency of cancer is measured by the incidence-the number of new cases diagnosed each year. Incidence is usually described as the number of new cases diagnosed per 100,000 people per year. The incidence of cancer in adults in the United States is 382 per 100,000 per year, and childhood cancers account for about 1% of all cancers. The factors that influence risk differ among the forms of cancer. Known risk factors such as smoking, diet, and alcohol contribute to specific types of cancer. (For example, smoking is a known risk factor for lung cancer, bladder cancer, and oral cancer.) For many other cancers, the causes are unknown.”


Because people are different, the assumptions that a particular cancer or a particular cause might have the same effects in very different people with different lifestyles needs examination.



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