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Research on Childhood Leukemia August 7, 2006

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This research raises some interesting questions about research methods. Since there is inconsistency in various research projects regarding the effect of EMF’S, is it possible that the construction of the research projects, the methods used, as well as other factor’s (like who is paying for the research, individual differences in the people measured, etc.) is the cause of inconsistent results?

There is enough evidence to certainly warrant caution, tighter research, non-biased funding and precautions where children and exposed to emf’s.

“Much like the 1996 U.S. NAS report, the WHO report noted that living in homes near power lines was associated with an approximate 1.5-fold excess risk of childhood leukemia. But unlike the NAS panel, WHO scientists had seen the results of the 1997 U.S. National Cancer Institute study of EMF and childhood leukemia. This work showed even more strongly the inconsistency between results of studies that used a wire code to estimate EMF exposure and studies that actually measured magnetic fields.”




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