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Reported Effects of Mobile Phones August 7, 2006

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There has been research indicating problems with mobile phones, and other research (sometimes funded by the mobile phone industry) saying there is no problem.  There is enough question, however, that is does not make sense to take the position that the microwaves from mobile phones is innocent until proven guilty.  We are talking about human lives, and we need to take seriously the people who are (perhaps the first) experiencing suffering.

“Various studies have associated the use of mobile phones with:

  • headaches
  • tingling sensation in the head
  • heat or pressure of the temple
  • ear ache
  • eye problems including distortion of vision
  • memory loss
  • fatigue
  • blood pressure
  • brain tumours
  • DNA damage
  • Changes to size, shape and growth of cells
  • Lymphomas
  • Changes in the brain’s electrical activity
  • Sleep problems
  • Learning problems
  • Breaches of the blood-brain barrier (connected with diseases such as Alzheimer’s”




1. Eric Laurence - August 8, 2006

I am introducing a revolutionary technology in the new and expanding field of Bioenergetics.

Almost daily, newspapers and magazines all over the world are exposing the dangers posed by the radiation from cell phones, which penetrates the developing skulls of our children, compromises the blood brain barrier, and inflicts genetic damage that is a known diagnostic marker for cancer. In addition, cell towers are infiltrating our landscape right next to our children’s schools, on top of our nation’s firehouses, in church steeples where our 2, 3 and 4 year olds attend preschool; and, recently it has been announced that even our state parks will not be safe from the proliferation of cell towers.

The company I represent is on the cutting edge of a technology providing protection from the radiation plume emitted by your cell phone, computer, laptop, microwave oven, automobile, as well as your household appliances. And, we are expanding and looking for people who might be at the time and place in their lives to explore a new business – and potentially add another stream of income to their monthly earnings.

Would you like to hear more about this? Look at the video at the following url. Then please go to may website and either buy a protective chip for your cellphone, which is very inexpensive insurance, and/or join as a consultant at the level that best suits you. Thank you.


I market products that provide a solution to electromagnetic pollution, a cumulative and invisible danger to your health. Please review my website and protect yourself and your family now. You can buy products that work synergistically, retail or wholesale. No hassle.



Eric Laurence

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