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Lawyer suing for chronic exposure to relatively low levels of emf’s. August 7, 2006

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There is some disparity among various organizations as to what is a safe level of emf’s, particularly in certain frequencies.  There are lots of variables to consider, such as how long is the exposure.  When I tested my personal equipment I found that some of my computers were measuring about 15 mgauss, others were less in certain spots.  My air filter was measuring over 30 mgauss from 4 feet away, and this was much higher than the computers and printers.  Sweden recommends limiting exposure to 1 mgauss.

“Attorney Sam Bregman is suing the city of Albuquerque, as well as Bernalillo county, on behalf of clients he alleges got breast cancer from overexposure to “electromagnetic fields” while working in a city/county building. Bregman, who has a private law practice……Bregman has obtained the services of a California-based expert, Cindy Sage of Sage Associates Environmental Consultants (Santa Barbara, CA) who said that the men were exposed to levels of five to 10 milligauss, and that “chronic exposure to levels between two and five milligauss have been known to cause certain cancers.”


If he is successful in this lawsuit, most women should be careful in the workplace, because much of the equipment is likely to be above this level.

If you are sensitive to emf’s, please click on solutions in the right hand column.



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