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Extra Low Frequency (EMF) and Mental Activity August 7, 2006

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The following research indicates that people may be affected by natural changes in electromagnetic frequencies, which can be corroborated by many people who feel climatic changes affecting them.  What questions does this raise for frequencies at even this low level that are artificially produced?  Why are so many children being diagnosed with attention problems?

The effects of extra-low-frequency atmospheric pressure oscillations on human mental activity.

Delyukov A, Didyk L.

Slight atmospheric pressure oscillations (APO) in the extra-low-frequency range below 0.1 Hz, which frequently occur naturally, can influence human mental activity. This phenomenon has been observed in experiments with a group of 12 healthy volunteers exposed to experimentally created APO with amplitudes 30-50 Pa in the frequency band 0.011-0.17 Hz. Exposure of the subjects to APO for 15-30 min caused significant changes in attention and short-term memory functions, performance rate, and mental processing flexibility. The character of the response depended on the APO frequency and coherence. Periodic APO promoted purposeful mental activity, accompanied by an increase in breath-holding duration and a slower heart rate. On the other hand, quasi-chaotic APO, similar to the natural perturbations of atmospheric pressure, disrupted mental activity. These observations suggest that APO could be partly responsible for meteorosensitivity in humans.



1. P.didnt - November 12, 2006

i was just reading about elfs in a paper and wanted to know more.. It was related to me that these are only used in subs and only reach the public by accident….and that they cause have effects that can be seen as mild to extreme….and as for attention in kids….T>V>……..very simple….

2. Broadband Blues - April 29, 2007

We’ve just had Broadband (only 256K) put on at home, and I’ve suddenly become aware of how EMF the phone line now pumps out. I would compare it to the time at a job I had to sit next to a laser photosetter all day – it quickly started to drive me crazy with phyisical and mental tension.
Apart from the stomach-wrenching tension from using the computer with broadband online I feel, I can’t really sleep much at all, and haven’t much for a couple of nights. I wake up numb with tiredness and my whole body quite tense. My heart is also faster and more irrhthymic (also perhaps a legacy of my early computer industry exposure). The dialup internet I’m using now is far better for health I am sure.
Anyone else had this experience?

3. Elizabeth Foster - April 30, 2007

Yes, most definitely. I believe that EMFs are very much behind the booming sales of Ambien and Lunesta.

In the 1980s, I was working with a large computer. Every night for two weeks a month–before and during menses–I would awaken at 1 AM and be unable to fall asleep until 4 or 4:30 AM. I had insomnia even though I didn’t have a car and was walking at least 18-20 miles a week.

When I changed jobs and stopped working with computers, the insomnia stopped, even though I had bought a car and was getting far less exercise. I didn’t have nighttime awakenings for more than a decade. Also, I was under more stress during this period because I was in an unhappy relationship and had gone back to school.

Alas, when computers were introduced into the new working environment, the insomnia returned.

Now, computers and wireless technology are everywhere. I can’t sleep unless I take pills.

When I go on vacation and camp away from technology, I can sleep well but when I move indoors, the insomnia returns.

It is awful.

Broadband is the worst. My mother has broadband and when I use her computer, I feel a tightness in my head and my insomnia is much worse.

4. Chris - August 26, 2007

if you block your ears with your forefingers with reasonable pressure do you hear a low frequency rumbling?
Have you had any aerial insecticidal spraying in your area within 50 miles in the direction of the prevailing wind?
Does the rumble stop when it rains?
Playing an audio cd of rainfall does eliminate the noise

5. Monica - December 1, 2008


I noticed your message on this blog and your description of a low rumling describes specifically what I have been experiencing for quite a while. About five years ago, I began hearing a low rumbling when I went to bed. I blamed it on the neighbor who has a diesel truck; I thought he was letting it idle at night. Now I realize that it is not a truck, but a sort of feedback I am picking up. Is this what happens to you? Do you have other sites I could go to to research this? I’m not sure what is happening, but I am experiencing it even during the day and it is a bit unnerving. I am also having trouble sleeping.



6. Tamela - May 20, 2010

i am only in 6th grade and researching about extra long frequency and everything but if anyone have ne information plz send me a message wtamela@live.com

7. John Johnson - November 25, 2010

If ELF’s can cause such a range of mal-effects on the human body and mind in theory could it be manipulated to implant information into the mind for the benefit of mankind? And if so could some one direct me to a schematic to build an ELF transmitter?

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