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What is a safe level for electromagnetic exposure? August 1, 2006

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There is disagreement as to what electromagnetic field (EMF) level is considered safe.

Government and utility documents report the usual ambient level of 60-Hz magnetic field to be 0.5 mG. A reading of more than 0.5 mG may be too much exposure.

Some experts say that 3 mG is the cutoff point, and the the EPA proposes1 mG.

However, what is the level that sustains health vs. the level that causes disease? We don’t know.

Some researchers claim that 1/1000ths of a mG should be the standard!

I had many pieces of equipment in my home that were higher than 2 mG. Together they were probably creating a powerhouse effect. Since then, I’ve put biopro chips on all my equipment.


I can just imagine the kind of pollution that people making photocopies at work must be explosed to unknowingly. Maybe that’s why people are bushed when they come home.

I’d like to hear from people who get an emf meter and measure the various pieces of equipment in their workplace and see how much they are being exposed to without realizing it.



1. anil gajjar - August 12, 2006

My new house near (30 feet) high tenshan line
What is sholution?

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