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Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) and ElectroMagnetic Sensitivity August 1, 2006

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An article in the British Medical Journal Vol. 328, Feb 2004 recognises the public concern relating to environmental chemical exposure and the reported effects on health. After reviewing the literature and considering the effects that chemicals may play in the development of human illnesses the authors consider that 75% of most cancers are attributable to environmental and lifestyle factors. Included in these factors are both electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and synthetic chemicals exposures. Some chemicals are known as hormone disrupters as are some frequencies of EMR. Both agents cause biological activity which in turn can reasonably be seen to have adverse effects on the health of the affected system. There are many debilitating and incapacitating conditions which are prevalent in the community other than cancer, that are having an adverse impact on the individual, the family unit and the community as a whole. These conditions can be found to be closely associated with either a chronic or a severe exposure to chemical pollution and or electromagnetic radiation.




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