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Memory can be affected by EMF’S. What are you forgetting? July 31, 2006

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Earth Energy

The Earth’s Schumann Waves resonate at the same frequency as our hippocampus in our brains.

The hippocampus is part of the limbic system, related to survival and memory. EMF’s which interfere with these natural energies, may affect memory stores.

NASA built Schumann waves into their space craft to protect astronauts. The Russian cosmonauts had protection too, because any interference with Schumman waves can have a detrimental affect upon health and well being. EMFs interfere, and therefore can allow disease and death to occur.

There is research that has been done on this. Why aren’t we hearing more about it?



1. lou - November 24, 2006

Im very interested to find out more as recent tests showed that my daughter was being afftected in some way by schumman waves….?

2. lou - November 25, 2006

My teenage daughter suffers ill health, depression and general unwellness. As part of the tests these two elements were identified. She is a girl of gifted talent accademically, which fits well with the Hatmann grid and a particular part of the brain related to extreme intelligence at one end of the scale and alzheimers at the other. I am currently looking at ways of improving her health and how the schumman waves may be effecting her – any information would be very much appreciated. Many thanks

3. Tina Harrison - November 28, 2006

Your daughter could be electro-sensitive, which means more sensitive to electromagnetic radiation than most. Everyone is senstive to EMRs but every individual is different and certain people experience more severe symptoms. I live in NYC where EMF pollution is everywhere and I became aware of being affected by it about 3 years ago. My apt building is next to a commercial office building with tons of computers and satellites on the roof. A healer I was going to at the time suggested I clear my home of EMFs and she directed me to Biomagnetic’s EMF Protection Devices. I was always into alternative health but never really thought much about EMF pollution. I EMF safe-guarded my home and it was like night and day the difference in the feel of my home and in my energy levels. Since then, I have read up on EMF pollution and are more aware of how much it is affecting our health and the health of our planet. I got so into the products I use that I started my own EMF Blues website where they’re available. I’m not sure what test you had done for her, but I would suggest looking into neutralizing your home and having your daughter wear EMF protective jewelry. You can also neutralize geopathic stress zones, like the grids you mentioned, with these devices.

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