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Do you want the Emergency Broadcast System on your cell phone? July 30, 2006

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Coming Soon to a Cellphone Near You: FEMA Disaster Spam

Survivalpak It wasn’t so long ago that the high pitched beeps of the old Emergency Broadcast System were replaced with the odd electronic belching of the Emergency Alert System (EAS). But now FEMA (which oversees the system), the Department of Homeland Security and PBS are giving the EAS a digital makeover and are preparing the latest in useless federal notification systems – the Digital Emergency Alert System…..

It’s all a marvelous idea, and if it weren’t being organized by the same people who brought us the erroneous evacuation of Connecticut, I’d be all for it. But with the federally mandated EAS unit in the WFMU studio constantly chattering away about “Unknown Events,” and issuing warnings about heavy seas in Maritime Sector 34672B, the digital EAS portends a new type of electronic junk coming in to your voicemail and e-mail box: FEMA Disaster Spam. Which is certain not to overwhelm regional networks. Until millions of people try to call back for clarification on the incomprehensible message they just received.




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