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Metal Roofs July 27, 2006

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Metal Roofs worry me. It’s just intuition. I’ve been trying to find research about them and no one seems to have thought of it yet. Does anyone have any information or experience with how a metal roof would be affected by emf’s?



1. cellphonesafety - July 27, 2006

Guidelines for Reduced EMF Exposure

Locate circuit panel breaker box away from sleeping areas

Have no wires run in floor system directly under sleeping areas

Each bedroom to have its own designated circuit with the option of shutting down circuit while sleeping ;

Either with a remote switch, demand switch, a designated switch or manually at the circuit panel.

Locate TV, computer and kitchen appliances away from adjacent bedroom walls when possible.

Substitute photoelectric smoke detector for ionizing type ( ie: radioactive!).

“ 3-step fan resistor type switches for traditional dimmer switches.

“ MC shielded wire cable or metal conduit for standard Romex cable for whole house or at least the sleeping areas if possible .

“ fiberglass rebar for steel rebar

Avoid the use of steel studs, aluminum siding and metal roofing if at all possible.

Strict adherence to the National Electrical Code (NEC).: ie: no wiring errors. It is important that all grounds and neutrals be kept isolated. Do not connect neutral conductors from different circuits together (ie: parallel neutrals). These are common wiring errors that are code violations and result in elevated magnetic fields.

Three- way switches must be wired with 3 conductor wire ( 3-wire) and not 2-wire.


2. Anonymous - August 18, 2007

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