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Electrosmog July 27, 2006

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Listen to this. We have, or at least I can say I have, to some degree adapted to all this noise.


But what is it doing to us?



1. cellphonesafety - July 27, 2006

The International Agency for Research on Cancer – part of the WHO and the leading international organisation on the disease – classes the smog as a “possible human carcinogen”. And Professor David Carpenter, dean of the School of Public Health at the State University of New York, told The Independent on Sunday last week that it was likely to cause up to 30 per cent of all childhood cancers. A report by the California Health Department concludes that it is also likely to cause adult leukaemia, brain cancers and possibly breast cancer and could be responsible for a 10th of all miscarriages.

By Geoffrey Lean, Environment Editor

Published: 07 May 2006

2. cellphonesafety - July 27, 2006

There are only SIX known studies purely of the effects of phone masts on people! All show ill-health effects:-

1) Dutch TNO study 2003; effects on wellbeing-headaches, muscle fatigue/pain, dizziness etc from 3G mast

2) Oberfeld 2004 Spain, found depression, fatigue, sleeping disorder, concentration+cardiovascular problems

3) Wolf (2004) found fourfold cancer increase within 350m of a phone mast, tenfold among women.

4) Naila study Germany (2004) found trebled risk of cancer near cellular antenna/masts

5) Austria 2005, found illness+measured immediate changes of electrical currents in the brain at 80m from mast

6) Santini 2002; Diverse health effects within 300m of base stations-see below. (Reference: http://www.starweave.com)
Each of these results was statistically significant ie unlikely(a 1 in 20 chance) to be due to chance (Rough idea-20 to the power of 6 is 64 million)

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