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Angels don’t play Harps—like this? July 27, 2006

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In the meantime, new research by other scientists shows that ELF signals may have profound effects on living organisms. Dr. Flanagan cited the example of known effects of ELF on the Circadian rhythms, which is the biological clock, of all living organisms including humans.

“The Max Planck Institute in Germany has done quite a bit of work on this, showing that very low energy levels – in fact, energy levels that are one tenth of the strength of the earth’s magnetic field, can have profound effects on these rhythms… Mr. Hecksher and his colleagues may say that ELF fields from HAARP are not harmful, but remember — our government once sprayed DDT (pesticide) on school children while they were eating lunch, and said this was not harmful…”

Dr. Flanagan in his brief testimony cited a study by a researcher at Catholic University which showed that coherent ELF fields, which is what HAARP will generate, can have an effect on DNA. For example they create abnormal development in chicken embryos and “possibly in humans”.





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