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Research on blood flow to the Brain July 27, 2006

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Blood flow to brain changes with radio-wave exposure: study
2003 Kyodo News (c) Established 1945 August 19, 2003

TOKYO, Aug 19, 2003 (Kyodo via COMTEX) — Japanese researchers said
Tuesday they have found that blood flow in the brains of people who
complain of irritation from electromagnetic waves changes when they are
exposed to such waves from appliances such as cell phones and power

The research group measured the changes in the amount of blood flow in
10 people, five of whom have symptoms of hypersensitivity to
electromagnetic waves. They found that the brain’s blood flow in those
with the hypersensitivity fluctuated with exposure to the waves.

The findings are expected to contribute to understanding the symptoms,
such as headaches and fatigue, for which the causal relationship with
electromagnetic waves remains unknown.

The researchers believe the symptoms were caused either because the
electromagnetic waves disrupted the nerve system and thus caused changes
in the blood flow, or that the ability to maintain the brain’s blood
flow at a certain level was reduced.

The research involved Ko Sakabe of the Kitasato Institute Hospital and
the nongovernmental environment organization Japan Offspring Fund.

Many people with irritations linked to electromagnetic waves also have
problems moving their eyeballs and abnormality in their pupils’ reaction
to light.



1. cellphonesafety - July 27, 2006

Clinical tests have repeatedly shown how microwaves “rev up” incipient cancer cells several hundred times. Triggered by nuclear radiation, and turned rogue by electromagnetic warfare unleashed by US forces, human cancer cells have been found to continue proliferating wildly—even after the power source is turned off. [Scorched Earth by William Thomas]


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