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Protect children from cancer July 26, 2006

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Dr. George Carlo was the scientist funded with $25 million by the cell phone industry to research cell phone radiation and to prove through scientific studies that the phones are safe. After six years of study Dr. Carlo determined that cell phone radiation disrupted heart pacemakers, damaged the blood-brain barrier, penetrates the skulls of children and does genetic damage that can result in cancer. Dr. Carlo presented these findings to the cell phone industry and when he refused to recant the findings his research funds were cut off and a publicity campaign to discredit him was put in effect.

Dr. Carlo has started the Safe Wireless Initiative to help people become more aware of the danger. Please join this organization and help to build awareness about this invisible and cumulative danger to our health, and especially the health of our children and grandchildren.




1. cellphonesafety - July 26, 2006

The site is a resource for those who are trying to em power themselves by gaining a better understanding of the complex issues involved with this important environmental issue.


“That which is looked upon by one generation as the apex of human knowledge is often considered an absurdity by the next, and that which is regarded as a superstition in one century, may form the basis of science for the following one.” – Attributed to Paracelsus

2. Mazda sports - August 1, 2006

very interesting article, thanks.

3. rachel - January 2, 2007

cell bands are dead

4. Best Home - August 17, 2007

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