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Solutions July 26, 2006

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Bio Pro has proven technologies that offer protection from radiation from cell phones. Bio Pro’s Harmonization Chips (developed by German scientists) are activated and programmed to neutralize or harmonize the range of frequencies that emanate from cell phones, cordless phones and other radiation-emitting devices, converting them into harmless frequency waves. Once the chip is applied to the phone, or other device, the harmful effects of this radiation are effectively neutralized, making them safe to use.

EMF Protection

Your ear canal (directly connected to your brain) is heated the most. Only 15 minutes of using a cell phone creates significant heating of tissues in the head. The orange, red and pink colours show the areas being heated; blue and green are cooler.

The “After” photo was taken after 15 minutes of using the same cell phone that was protected with BIOPRO harmonization technology! Tissue temperature remained normal!

To get this protection, please go to this website:




1. amanda - January 15, 2007

very nice

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